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Version: 2.66

Select files, zip, cut, email, ftp them

1toX is a handy file splitter/zipper/emailer.Select files, folders from the Explorer or the interface.Any file(s) size, zip files before splitting, adds a crc checksum, scans for free space, protects with a password, produces batch, exe (8 kb overhead), formats disks, supports drag & drop, upload with FTP, can rebuild pieces made by another softwares...Predefined sizes from notepad format to 2 Gb Jaz, new formats can be added on the fly

Program Name 1toX
Version 2.66
File Size (Bytes) 535845
Release Date 2006-09-06
Price 25
License Shareware

Program Keywords: zip,cut,split,email,ftp,file

Program Categories:Utilities

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