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98/ME Smoker

98/ME Smoker
Version: 1.2

The Ultimate tweaking utility for Windows 98/ME

98/ME Smoker is a Windows 98 and Windows ME tweaking utility that will help to reduce system bottlenecks, decrease boot times and increase system stability. In addition 98/ME Smoker has a new State-Of-The-Art internet optimizer that will tune any internet connection to perfection. Boost your dialup, cable, dsl, satellite, etc. Get it, or stay slow!

Program Name 98/ME Smoker
Version 1.2
File Size (Bytes) 3977288
Release Date 2005-02-22
Price 19.97
License Shareware

Program Keywords: windows, 98, me, se, tweak, tweaks, tweaking, optimize, internet, connection, cable, dsl, dialup

Program Categories:Utilities

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