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Advanced Font Catalog

Advanced Font Catalog
Version: 1.20

Fast and easy-to-use utility to catalog all kind of font media

Do you have font files strewn across different media? Need help organizing them? Use Advanced Font Catalog with Explorer-like interface to catalog the font files on your drives: hard drives (including network drives), optical disks, Zip and Jaz disks, and other media. You can add comments to each font file, folder, and disk, and you can search for font files by the font name, copyright, file name, or your own comments.

Program Name Advanced Font Catalog
Version 1.20
File Size (Bytes) 1000907
Release Date 2001-12-18
Price 29.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: catalog,font,disk,explorer,organize,media,catalogue,ttf,type 1,database

Program Categories:Utilities

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