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Version: 7.4

Instantly disables software keyloggers. Makes data stealing impossible.

Anti-keylogger™ is a dedicated anti-keylogging product. Unlike most other anti-spyware, Anti-keylogger™ doesn't depend on signature bases – just because it doesn't use them. Based solely on heuristic algorithms, it recognizes behavior of a spy program - and disables it instantly.Anti-keylogger™ can protect even against "custom-made" software keyloggers, which are extremely dangerous - and very popular with cybercriminals.

Program Name Anti-keylogger
Version 7.4
File Size (Bytes) 3417292
Release Date 2006-12-04
Price 59.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: anti-keylogger, antikeylogger, key logger, keystroke, spyware, snoopware, spy, hack, hacking, monitoring, anti, block, delete, remove, detect, erase, expose, locate, stop, uncover, uninstall

Program Categories:Utilities

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