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Atomic Clock Service

Atomic Clock Service
Version: 2.6

PC atomic clock synchronizer with useful features (time offset, periods, etc.)

It is an Internet PC atomic clock synchronizing application with some useful options (time offset, synchronize periods, time sources choosing, etc). This application uses the list of 18 presetting synchronizing URLs all over the world. The list can be easy enhanced. The application consists of the windows service program and the console program. The package can be used as personal computer or office workstation synchronizing solution.

Program Name Atomic Clock Service
Version 2.6
File Size (Bytes) 619507
Release Date 2005-07-15
Price 15
License Shareware

Program Keywords: atomic clock, atomic time, nt service, PC clock, sync, synch, atomic, NTP, SNTP, NIST, synchronization, time, Internet, synchronic, synchronize, daily, Windows, tool, tools, utility, utilities, program, programs, DST, local

Program Categories:Utilities

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