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AttributeMagic Pro

AttributeMagic Pro
Version: 2.2 beta4

Changes file/folder date-time, attributes, tags of image and MSOffice files

Utility to change file/folder date-time stamps and attributes en masse. You can set or reset individual attributes, Accessed, Modified and Created dates, JPEG metadata, MS Office document dates and properties. Custom file filters, batch file processing, date-time shifting and masking. Rich options.

Program Name AttributeMagic Pro
Version 2.2 beta4
File Size (Bytes) 1426508
Release Date 2004-02-28
Price 25
License Shareware

Program Keywords: directory, folder, file, attribute, date, time, modify, created, accessed, stamp, change file date, change folder date, tree, stamp file time, reset attribute, set attribute, drop attribute, process subfolders, recursion, word, JPEG, exif, Digicam

Program Categories:Utilities

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