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AutoRun Wizard

AutoRun Wizard
Version: 2.01

Utility for quickly and easily creating a professional CD-ROM auto launch.

AutoRun Wizard allows you to configure the tasks that occur automatically when a CD/DVD is inserted into the CD/DVD drive. AutoRun Wizard takes advantage of the existing functionality within the Windows autorun.inf file and builds off of it. We support the option to run any file. For example you could run a pdf and html file as your autorun, or you can launch to a website or automatically use explorer to browse the root of the drive.

Program Name AutoRun Wizard
Version 2.01
File Size (Bytes) 10243
Release Date 2004-11-24
Price 19.99
License Shareware

Program Keywords: autorun creator, autorun, autoplay, autorun html, autorun.inf, cd autorun, creator, editor, config, builder, build, image, splash, logo, pdf, cd, cdr, cd-r, cd-rom, htm, html, slideshow, demo, autorun program, autorun software, autorun file, autoplay

Program Categories:Utilities

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