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Avira AntiVir UNIX Workstation

Avira AntiVir UNIX Workstation
Version: 2.1.9-18

Avira offers antivirus protection for home and network Linux users, worldwide.

Avira AntiVir UNIX Workstation offers permanent antivirus protection by smoothly monitoring your system&aposs active processes and blocking malware (viruses, Trojans, backdoors, worms etc) from damaging your most valuable data. You can make your decisions and set the type of action on the infected files: isolate, disinfect, remove. It provides frequent updates via Intranet/Internet Update Wizard to efficiently update program files in the network

Program Name Avira AntiVir UNIX Workstation
Version 2.1.9-18
File Size (Bytes) 37118891
Release Date 2006-12-12
Price 63.78
License Commercial

Program Keywords: antivirus for linux, antivirus software, antivirus linux, virus, antivirus, linux antivirus, trojan horse, phishing, linux security, linux virus protection, network security

Program Categories:Utilities

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