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Version: 2.5

Windows based multi-cpu multi-format disassembler

BDASM is a multi-cpu, multi format file disassembler for Windows and now it features a Windows Debugger. Currently it supports ucLinux, ELF, X-Box, PE and raw binary files. The CPU support includes the Intel x86 16/32bits processor family up to SSE2 instructions, and PowerPc 603,604 32bits CPUs, lately support for ARM processors was added trought plugins. You can program your own plugins to extended BDASM formats and CPU's, and SDK is available

Program Name BDASM
Version 2.5
File Size (Bytes) 1758654
Release Date 2003-08-09
Price 15.68
License Commercial

Program Keywords: multi cpu multi format raw PE,XBE,ELF disassembler powerpc intel

Program Categories:Utilities

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