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BS Detect

BS Detect
Version: 1.12

Sets off an alarm when someone nearby lies or exaggerates.

Ever had a co-worker who spouts unbelievable loads of utter rubbish at regular intervals? Then this program is a necessity. BS Detect will display a customizable alert when anyone nearby begins to tell lies, exaggerations, or indeed, anything else you don't like. You can send an alert to yourself, to anyone on your network, you can even set an alert to go off after a delay of a few seconds!

Program Name BS Detect
Version 1.12
File Size (Bytes) 1567291
Release Date 2003-11-02
Price 0
License Freeware

Program Keywords: Bull, shit, bullshit, crap, bullcrap, rubbish, detect, sniffer, exaggeration, alarm, freeware

Program Categories:Utilities

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