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Blancco - Lite

Blancco - Lite
Version: 4.6

Blancco - Lite is a 100% secure solution designed for simple erasure needs.

Blancco - Lite is a genuine data destruction solution designed for simple erasure needs. It guarantees a 100% secure hard disk wiping for PC and laptop computers with unlimited erasure for one IDE hard disk drive per computer. A confirmation report is generated after every erasure. Fully secure data erasure performed by Blancco – Lite makes data recovery impossible. It cleans all existing data including confidential.

Program Name Blancco - Lite
Version 4.6
File Size (Bytes) 1509900
Release Date 2006-07-06
Price 18.95
License Commercial

Program Keywords: blancco, hard disk, hard drive, clean, cleaner, wipe, erase, eraser, erasure, delete, data, secure, overwrite, DoD,partition, security, removal, data leaks, identity theft, donating a computer, personal data, discarding the computer, erase history

Program Categories:Utilities

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