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BurnInTest Pro

BurnInTest Pro
Version: 5.1

Fast, easy-to-use PC hardware reliability and stability testing in Windows

Fast, easy-to-use utility that simultaneously exercises all the major components of a PC, to test for endurance and reliability. Tests include CPU, RAM, disk, video, CD/DVD, printer, sound, serial ports, parallel ports, USB, tape, Network, video playback or customer developed plug-ins. Also, user configurable errors and logging detail, temperature monitoring interface, timed test runs, cyclic rebooting and EMC testing.

Program Name BurnInTest Pro
Version 5.1
File Size (Bytes) 2401432
Release Date 2006-04-18
Price 49
License Shareware

Program Keywords: software, testing, troubleshooting, diagnostics, load, burn, pc, reliability, stability, serial, parallel, usb, firewire, network, advanced, tape, loopback, windows, directx, burnin, endurance, hardware, video, passmark, burnintest, memory, hdd

Program Categories:Utilities

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