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Version: 1.15

Multi platform command line DBF viewer and editor.

The CDBFlite program allows users to work with .DBF files format from command line. You can carry out various actions, which don't requires presence of the man in a batch mode.Generally speaking, the program is high-grade command line DBFviewer and editor. CDBFlite supports all existing fields types and all memo-fields types. CDBFlite program can be applied on WEB-server.

Program Name CDBFlite
Version 1.15
File Size (Bytes) 616042
Release Date 2006-11-07
Price 24.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: cdbf,dbf,dbview,dbedit,viewer,editor,fast,small,win32,linux,unix,cgi,database,web,command line,crypt,php,perl,dbase,xbase

Program Categories:Utilities

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