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Chimera Virtual Desktop

Chimera Virtual Desktop
Version: 1.3.7

Very stable and versatile virtual desktop - use tabs to change desktops!

Is your taskbar cluttered? Getting lost in jungle of windows? Do you need a simple and versatile solution for creating distinct work areas for your different tasks? Create up to 9 separated screens, so called virtual desktops. Move applications between desktops easily! Use tabs, hotkeys, mouse gestures, drag-and-drop interface and other methods to manage your desktops and windows. Distinct wallpapers, desktop and quicklaunch icon sets per desktop

Program Name Chimera Virtual Desktop
Version 1.3.7
File Size (Bytes) 1402801
Release Date 2005-11-24
Price 19.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: virtual desktop

Program Categories:Utilities

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