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Version: 3.4

Availability monitoring, alerting & reporting sophisticated, yet simple to use.

CleverEye is availability monitoring, alerting and reporting software. Automatically measure response time and trigger alerts when thresholds are broken. Easy to install, agent-less, Web based, supports multiple concurrent users. Four powerful modules to monitor from different perspectives: network layer, application layer, SNMP and operating system. Monitor servers, websites, databases, applications, CPUs, memory, disk, FTP, DNS, LDAP and more.

Program Name CleverEye
Version 3.4
File Size (Bytes) 12722797
Release Date 2005-09-01
Price 99.00
License Freeware

Program Keywords: availability monitoring, server monitoring, webserver monitoring, server uptime, network monitoring, database monitoring,system monitoring, file monitoring, Citrix monitoring software, Application response time monitoring, availibility monitoring

Program Categories:Utilities

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