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Computer Census

Computer Census
Version: 3.00.0037

System Information Utility report OS HW config SW 2 txt & mdb incl discovery

System Information Utility: reports Manufacturer, BIOS, OS, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Chassis, Drives, Mouse, Keyboard, Port Connections, COM, LPT Ports, USB, SCSI, Modem, Audio, Monitor, Video, Printers, Network Settings, System, Network Services, Protocols, Network Adapters, Shared Resources, Drivers, Software Packages, Applications. Output text and Access database files. Discovers network computers. No installation just run the executable.

Program Name Computer Census
Version 3.00.0037
File Size (Bytes) 565248
Release Date 2005-12-15
Price 95.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Computer Census, PC Inventory, Computer Inventory, Hardware Inventory, Baseline Inventory, Computer IT Asset Management Software, Computer System Documenter, Technology Asset Inventory, System Information Utility

Program Categories:Utilities

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