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Version: 1.10

Protect your sensitive data with strong encryption algorithms

CryptEnCrypt is a powerful software applications designed for password based electronic data protection. It utilizes time-proven algorithms for data encryption including AES (Rijndael), GOST, RC2, RC4, Triple-DES and data protection API methods. It has easy-to-use interface, integration with Windows Explorer, supports drag-and-drop operations, features multiple encryption algorithms to choose from and even provides data erasing capability.

Program Name CryptEnCrypt
Version 1.10
File Size (Bytes) 647548
Release Date 2002-09-11
Price 49.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: encryption, privacy, computer, security, network, security, access, control, information security, password protection, blowfish, security software, hide, 128 bit encryption, hide folder, data protection

Program Categories:Utilities

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