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Cryptgine Archiver

Cryptgine Archiver
Version: 1.05

Cryptgine Encryption & Compression Zip Archive Software Utility

Whether distributing sensitive files over the internet or storing sensitive files that are used infrequently, protect them with unbreakable and customizable security. The first in the Cryptgine application series, the Cryptgine Archiver creates file archives that are both compressed and/or encrypted. The encryption method used to secure the data can be the included 256 bit AES encryption or use your own by creating a plug-in.

Program Name Cryptgine Archiver
Version 1.05
File Size (Bytes) 9426426
Release Date 2004-02-01
Price 19.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Encryption, Archive, Zip, Cryptography, Security

Program Categories:Utilities

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