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Cryptic Disk

Cryptic Disk
Version: 2.4.8

Protect your disks or disk partitions by encrypting them with Cryptic Disk 2.4

Cryptic Disk 2.4 provides a simple and affordable way to protect disks and disk partitions by encrypting them. The encrypted data cannot be accessed without entering the password, even if a hacker gets access to a PC or the hard drive is stolen. The program uses the AES 256-bit encryption algorithm, the same encryption NASA, the FBI and the Department of Defense uses to protect their data. Encrypting/decrypting takes one click. Free download.

Program Name Cryptic Disk
Version 2.4.8
File Size (Bytes) 2442695
Release Date 2007-02-05
Price 49.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: encryption, encrypting, disk encryption, partition encryption, data encryption, transparent encryption,on-the-fly encryption, AES, protect disk, protect partition

Program Categories:Utilities

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