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Version: 2.00

CryptoMite enables you to encrypt/decrypt and wipe files and folders of any type

CryptoMite enables you to encrypt, decrypt, and wipe files and folders of any type. It supports various encryption engines, along with zip compression. Functions to build self-extracting encrypted zip files and email capabilities are also included. Encrypt your files and folders from within the Windows shell. CryptoMite adds a context menu entry to all files, folders, and drives. This lets you encode/decode/wipe them with right-click ease.

Program Name CryptoMite
Version 2.00
File Size (Bytes) 1613338
Release Date 2002-11-03
Price 29
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Encryption,Security,Security,File utilities,Encryption Tools,Shredder,utility,hide files,hide folders, wipe, safe, secure

Program Categories:Utilities

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