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Version: 3.5

Offers AES 256 bit, full disk encryption. Hides the entire operating system

DriveCrypt Plus Pack (DCPP) is a Full disk encryption software which partially or fully encrypts your hard disk including the operating system, allowing pre-boot authentication. The User enters a password on computer start up, before the operating system boots up. DCPP is the fastest and most feature-rich real-time encryption system available. DCPP is the only software on the market able to hide the entire operating system inside another one.

Program Name DCPP
Version 3.5
File Size (Bytes) 7715477
Release Date 2006-04-25
Price 124.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: DCPP, DriveCrypt, DriveCrypt Plus Pack, Plus Pack, SecurStar, full disk encryption, hard disk encryption, disk encryption, hard disk encryption, steganography, usb token

Program Categories:Utilities

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