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Version: 1.3

Finds File, Launches EXE, Deletes Files, Lists deleted files in ListFile

DELSPECial is a "DOS world can't do without" file finder / command invoker plus new deltree - 5-star rated. Invokes any program/command to do anything the invoked program/command has provision for, on any file or a particular set of files located anywhere on a disk (file extension enough). Good for launching any command or executable that does not attend to subdirectories on its own. Lists deleted files in ListFile.

Program Name DELSPECial
Version 1.3
File Size (Bytes) 37037
Release Date 2004-06-20
Price 0
License Freeware

Program Keywords: recursive command invoker, recursive command executer, file finder, delete utility, file management

Program Categories:Utilities

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