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Directory Watch

Directory Watch
Version: 4.0

A Server Side application to monitor queues. Start actions based on num files

You use the Directory Watch application to monitor a file system and react when a number of files in the directories exceed your threshold. This makes it possible for you to quickly and easily launch business processes.For example, you have a mail, fax, print, or web server that accepts request in forms of files. The server application then operates on these files. If something goes wrong or you have to many requests, you can react to them.

Program Name Directory Watch
Version 4.0
File Size (Bytes) 748544
Release Date 2005-11-11
Price 50.00
License Demo

Program Keywords: MAILsweeper, MIMEsweeper, SMTP, Directory, File, Queue, Monitor, Scan, EMail, Alert, Notify, Log, Run, Execute, Workflow, Security

Program Categories:Utilities

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