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Disk Auditor Net

Disk Auditor Net
Version: 2.2

Utility to monitor Novell file server disk usage.

Scan for and store daily network file statistics such as creator, deletor, archiver, creation date, deletion date, last access date, last archived date, etc. Tally important file statistics for specific directories such as # modified files, # new files, # deleted files, and # archived files. Learn of deleted and new directories. Find problem users in the blink of an eye! Build informative queries and graphs on the data you've collected!

Program Name Disk Auditor Net
Version 2.2
File Size (Bytes) 2561081
Release Date 2003-03-24
Price 29.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Novell, Netware, server, file, network, monitor, LAN, WAN

Program Categories:Utilities

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