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DiskInternals NTFS Recovery

DiskInternals NTFS Recovery
Version: 1.7

A user-friendly automatic tool to recover files from damaged disk volumes

If your drive is damaged or inaccessible, a disk volume has been re-formatted or even deleted, your files, unless physically destroyed or overwritten, can be recovered with DiskInternals NTFS Recovery. NTFS is an advanced disk formatting used by XP and other modern operating systems. DiskInternals NTFS Recovery is a tool that utilizes NTFS features allowing you to recover files from Disk volumes in case they were damaged.

Program Name DiskInternals NTFS Recovery
Version 1.7
File Size (Bytes) 1514804
Release Date 2007-01-01
Price 99.95
License Shareware

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Program Categories:Utilities

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