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DiskPatch Partition Repair

DiskPatch Partition Repair
Version: 2

DOS based data recovery, hard disk repair and disk cloning

DiskPatch Partition Repair is a powerful DOS utility that helps to recover (undelete) deleted partitions and logical disks on PC hard drives, repair boot sectors, run surface tests (repair bad sectors), wipe disks or selected partitions and even clone bad disks. Also back up the hard disk layout: MBR (Master Boot Record), partition tables, boot sectors, or even the LDM on Dynamic disks.

Program Name DiskPatch Partition Repair
Version 2
File Size (Bytes) 1175552
Release Date 2004-11-12
Price 29.95
License Demo

Program Keywords: data recovery, datarecovery, partition recovery, partition repair, partition table recovery, bad sector, bad sector repair, boot sector, bootsector, mbr, master boot record, disk edit, diskedit, surface test, surface scan

Program Categories:Utilities

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