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Dupli Find

Dupli Find
Version: 4.1

Searches text, excel & word files for duplicate lines and removes them.

Dupli Find locates duplicate lines in textfiles, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. Found duplicates are reported and can be easily removed from the file. Custom scripts can be used to narrow down the search for better results. Dupli Find can also be used as a general text utility that provides many functions for manipulating text files. Everything can be automated using command lines to save time and effort.

Program Name Dupli Find
Version 4.1
File Size (Bytes) 1060651
Release Date 2006-01-14
Price 29.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: find,duplicate,lines,search,duplicates,remove,view,delete,word,excel,locate,delete,script

Program Categories:Utilities

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