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Version: 2.0

Color separation without detour via PDF - not only from MS Office

EXTIF pro is a Software RIP, which generates color-separated, exposure-ready image data as CMYK TIFF from all PC-applications. Especially on MS Office documents (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, *.html, ...) this new technology of combined DIRECT rastering and color separation offers considerable advantages concerning color fidelity, font and pixelation in comparison to the usual method via PDF / PostScript.

Program Name EXTIF pro
Version 2.0
File Size (Bytes) 3800000
Release Date 2004-02-01
Price 219
License Demo

Program Keywords: Software RIP, color separation, colour separation, colour profile, CMYK color profile, Raster Image Processor, pixelation, crop marks, print workflow, A4 Extra, LZW, neutral gray, Prepress, Repro, exposure, digital printing, missing fonts

Program Categories:Utilities

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