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Easy2Sync for Files

Easy2Sync for Files
Version: 1.18

Easy2Sync professionally synchronizes files and directories

Do you have the same files on notebook and PC? Easy2Sync is the fast and easy method to make sure that the two computers (or FTP servers) are always in sync. Easy2Sync is easy to use and considers many special cases to protect your files when you synchronize the files. Easy2Sync was designed to regard many special cases to protect your files. More than 200 rules are used internally to safely synchronise your files.

Program Name Easy2Sync for Files
Version 1.18
File Size (Bytes) 2261512
Release Date 2006-10-25
Price 0.00
License Freeware

Program Keywords: Synchronise files Laptop Notebook Sync Network tool

Program Categories:Utilities

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