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Version: 1.2

DOS text editor with support for networks, wildcards, wordwrap, and more

EdIt! v1.2 -- A fast, windowed, mouseable replacement for DOS's EDIT command. Ideal for BAT and text files under 64k, especially on networks: no more walking around to update users' files! Program size is less than 81k. Features: open multiple files (with wildcards!) and preset groups of files, wordwrap, network support, desktop save & restore, mono/28/43/50 video, variable right margin & tabs and more. By SRT Enterprises, $19.95.

Program Name EdIt!
Version 1.2
File Size (Bytes) 98676
Release Date 2001-03-23
Price 19.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: EdIt!, editor, DOS, GUI, mouse, wordwrap, network, wildcard, autoindent, margin, 28 line, 43/50 line, unix, macintosh

Program Categories:Utilities

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