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EldoS KeyLord

EldoS KeyLord
Version: 5.0

Keep your confidential information in secure place.

EldoS KeyLord lets you arrange confidential information (passwords, account numbers, software registration keys etc.) in a tree, search through it, print it and store it in secure encrypted file. You can store any data including binary files inside of the tree structure. You can configure passwords to expire so that you are notified when it's time to go and change password/acount info. Integration with browser makes access to web sites easier.

Program Name EldoS KeyLord
Version 5.0
File Size (Bytes) 2050094
Release Date 2005-05-05
Price 19.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: keep,password,secure,protect,protection,encrypt,account,hold,file,data,safely,store,information,IDEA,BLOWFISH,AES,DES,encryption,algorithm,security,generator,automatically,manage,management,sharing,user,business,company,government,office,home

Program Categories:Utilities

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