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Eluent Tools

Eluent Tools
Version: 1.90

GUI search and replace with Perl plus other file and folder tools

Eluent Tools is a collection of file and folder tools that enhances the Windows shell, command line, Visual C++, and Visual Studio .NET. The tools include Eluent Replace, a GUI-based, interactive, multi-pattern, multi-file search and replace program that uses Perl regular expressions and supports Perl scripting Eluent Find, a file contents searcher and viewer that supports a variety of regular expression dialects, including Perl, and much more.

Program Name Eluent Tools
Version 1.90
File Size (Bytes) 2416974
Release Date 2006-06-14
Price 20.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Find, Search, Replace, Search and Replace, Replace in Files, Find in Files, Grep, Egrep, Fgrep, Perl, Visual C++, Visual Studio .NET, VS.NET, Visual Studio 2005, Indexing Service, Time, Date, Timestamp, EOL, Tabs, Spaces, Attrib, Touch

Program Categories:Utilities

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