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Essen Filtor

Essen Filtor
Version: 2.1

Filter business emails from a text file, containing list of email addresses.

The purpose of Essen Filtor, is to organize your email lists in to be more effective with your email marketing campaign, such as Essen Trojan Bulk Mailer. It removes duplicate and invalid email-ids precisely, from a text file and sorts email addresses in ascending . It allows you to manage multiple mailing lists, and copy them into a single text file.

Program Name Essen Filtor
Version 2.1
File Size (Bytes) 1094656
Release Date 2003-04-23
Price 75
License Commercial

Program Keywords: filter, email extractor, mailing list manager, duplicate email remover, invalid email remover, email remover, email utility

Program Categories:Utilities

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