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Evidence Eliminator

Evidence Eliminator
Version: 5.058

Evidence Eliminator is the world-renowned professional hard disk cleaning system

Protecting your privacy on the Internet is a serious matter. Evidence about your actions is recorded every moment on your PC as you browse through various websites, as you send emails, as you chat.We have been taught to think that when deleting files and then Emptying the Recycle Bin that the selected files are now really gone. This is not true. The data is still on your PC, waiting to be found and incriminate you!

Program Name Evidence Eliminator
Version 5.058
File Size (Bytes) 12500000
Release Date 2005-02-16
Price 99.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: evidence eliminator, history cleaner, internet washer, privacy software, data eliminator, file shredde, clean hard disk, disk cleaner, cache cleaner, window washer, windows washer

Program Categories:Utilities

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