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File Monster

File Monster
Version: 2.7.01

Completely erase files from your computer so the information is unrecoverable.

File Monster completely erases files from your system -- actually overwriting the information in the file so it can not be recovered. The reason information is still available when you delete files with normal deletion methods is because normal deletion methods only tell the operating system to not recognize the file as being present anymore, yet the information hasn't really been erased.

Program Name File Monster
Version 2.7.01
File Size (Bytes) 547622
Release Date 2006-10-10
Price 18.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: File, Monster, files, folders, data, information, delete, erase, wipe, securely, security, secure, safe, del, mutilate, shred, shredder, erasure, eraser, private, privacy, sensitive, confidential, unerase, undelete, utility, tool, norton, secret

Program Categories:Utilities

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