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FileName Pro

FileName Pro
Version: 2.0.14

Professional grade batch file name utility, rename a few or thousands of files.

FileName Pro, a professional grade batch file naming utility.Whether you have a few or thousands of files to rename, FileName Pro can rename your files in seconds. Name files using any combination of file naming schemes. Name using dates and times, series style or even random names. Exclude and add text to file names, change case or work only with certain file types, even move files to a new folder when the rename operation is complete.

Program Name FileName Pro
Version 2.0.14
File Size (Bytes) 4369298
Release Date 2006-08-02
Price 24.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: filename pro,name,naming,rename,undo,file,folder,batch file rename,file renamer,file naming,file rename,ID3,metadata,EXIF

Program Categories:Utilities

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