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Find In Context

Find In Context
Version: 2.00

Relevant fragments of files shown immediately. Fast NEAR search local/LAN files

Automatically shows relevant text fragments found with NEAR keyword search through local/LAN files then you can browse through bigger fragments to see the context. Supports any file formats, incl. email databases, cache & swap files. HTML-aware incl. alternative HTML-spelling of special characters, umlauts & diphthongs. Easy to use, flexible and very fast. Highly effective NEAR search, also supports AND OR NOT etc. Direct search without indexes.

Program Name Find In Context
Version 2.00
File Size (Bytes) 351496
Release Date 2004-02-10
Price 29.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: proximity, NEAR, file, search,information, extracted, extract, info, text, relevant, fragment,show

Program Categories:Utilities

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