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Flash Renamer

Flash Renamer
Version: 5.06

Advanced batch renaming utility for people with large amount of files and Mp3's.

Flash Renamer is a time saver for people with large amounts of files, eg digital camera owners, webmasters & media collectors (music/images/movies). It renames many files at once, so called batch or bulk renaming. With Flash Renamer you can automate thousands of file renames in a single click! Rename filters include set casing, Mp3 renaming, find/replace, set attributes, add & crop strings, sequential numbering and an advanced format function.

Program Name Flash Renamer
Version 5.06
File Size (Bytes) 1617210
Release Date 2006-11-04
Price 19.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: rename,files,batch,bulk,masse,case,casing,seach,replace,string,sequential,extension,bitrate,tag,id3,id3v2,multiple,digital,camera,media,collection,music,file,mp3,movies,images,divx,wav,jpg,bmp,gif,mpeg,mpg,avi,framerate,width,attributes,add,date,web

Program Categories:Utilities

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