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Version: 1.5.2013

FolderDog allows you to monitor disk space usage as you desire.

FolderDog allows you to monitor all of these situation and any other, you desire, all in one simple interface. Email Alerts can be set as Warnings and Limits. If each user on your network has 10Gb Backup storage , you may want to warn them when using 9Gb and then limit them to 10Gb......Best of all FolderDog will not stop a user from exceeding the limits..Warnings are sent, Admin is notified but no data will go lost.

Program Name FolderDog
Version 1.5.2013
File Size (Bytes) 1,202,176
Release Date 2005-06-12
License Freeware

Program Keywords: Folder, Management, Disk, Folders, Size, Space, Usage

Program Categories:Utilities

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