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Fretless Space Explorer

Fretless Space Explorer

Quickly displays the size of all folders and files in an Explorer-like window.

Space Explorer quickly shows each folder size. Unlike similar utilities, it quickly analyzes all folders simultaneously. No more waiting to find what you're looking for while it scans your entire drive or folders you don't care about. This is incredibly helpful when you're trying to clean up your hard drive, recover disk space, plan your backups, improve hard drive defragmentation, or just to understand how your disk space is being allocated.

Program Name Fretless Space Explorer
File Size (Bytes) 135168
Release Date 2005-07-01
Price 25
License Shareware

Program Keywords: size, file size, folder size, disk size, hard drive, folder, directory, disk, disk space, compress, encrypt, fast, quick

Program Categories:Utilities

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