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Hard Angel

Hard Angel
Version: 1.05

Jumper for ATA hard drive. Hardware protection & lock of attacks of the viruses

Do you remember CIH? Hard Angel it is jumper for your hard drive: provides hardware protection for drive by preventing unauthorized access blocks virus attacks which use this mechanism for destruction of the information warns the user about the risk of a data loss if a drive starts to fail provides reliable storage of passwords and possibility of their restoring bypasses limitations of the BIOS regarding capacity of drive works under any OS

Program Name Hard Angel
Version 1.05
File Size (Bytes) 307000
Release Date 2005-07-23
Price 0
License Freeware

Program Keywords: HDD IDE ATA FLASH AWARD AMI PHOENIX BIOS OPTION ROM SMART HPA SECURITY FREEZE LOCK UMLOCK DISABLE SET PASSWORD PREPARE ERASE UNIT virus antivirus protection recovery restore lost password hardware hard drive disk util utilities free freeware tools

Program Categories:Utilities

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