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Heatsoft Automatic Synchronizer

Heatsoft Automatic Synchronizer
Version: 1.06

HAS is a fast, flexible and easy folder mirroring and file synchronizer.

HAS is a folder mirroring and file synchronization utility that enables you to perform the automated or manual synchonizing of local and network files. Its purpose is to provide fast, flexible and easy backup, synchronization, replication, and mirroring of important files on most storage media. A Wizard guides you through the steps of a sync-set creation. The visual run option gives you an opportunity to control every step over synchronization.

Program Name Heatsoft Automatic Synchronizer
Version 1.06
File Size (Bytes) 1683558
Release Date 2006-06-05
Price 35.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Heatsoft,HAS,automatic,schedule,sync,dir,folder,synchronizer,directories,directory,comparison,synchronization

Program Categories:Utilities

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