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Hermetic Stego

Hermetic Stego
Version: 6.65

A steganography program to hide a data file within multiple BMP image files.

Hermetic Stego is a a steganography program which allows you to encrypt and hide a file of any size in one or more BMP image files, with or without the use of a stego/encryption key, so that the presence of the hidden file is undetectable , even by forensic software using statistical methods and if a user-specified stego key is used then the hidden file can be extracted only by someone, using this software, who knows that stego key.

Program Name Hermetic Stego
Version 6.65
File Size (Bytes) 2748996
Release Date 2006-11-04
Price 29.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: stego, steganography, steganographical, secret, invisible, invisible secret, hermetic stego, cryptography, hide a file, hide, file, stay go, staygo, software, free, download, hiding a file, BMP, graphics files, encryption,encrypting

Program Categories:Utilities

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