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Hillyheights Lockout

Hillyheights Lockout
Version: 1.3

Hillyheights Lockout rations kids' use of computer based on the time of day.

Hillyheights Lockout is the perfect solution if your kids spend too much time on the computer, and you can find out just how perfect with our 31 day trial. Now you can decide when it's time to give it a rest. Ideally, you'd like it if just saying "no" was all it took, but where it used to be a torch under the bedclothes, now it's hearing a little beep from their room in the middle of the night.

Program Name Hillyheights Lockout
Version 1.3
File Size (Bytes) 258338
Release Date 2006-07-11
Price 9
License Shareware

Program Keywords: lockout ration limit usage time children kids off bedtime rationing limiting restrict restricting use

Program Categories:Utilities

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