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Instant Remote Control

Instant Remote Control
Version: 2.2.9

Control networked PCs-no software installation at remote end-no multi licenses

Take total control over PCs on your network instantly-needs no software installed at remote end-ideal for system admins to access employee PCs over LANs-requires no multi licenses-all remote mouse/keyword functions get transferred-convenient toolbar-use standard Windows keyboard commands-access remote disk,move files,use FTP service-change remote host settings,reboot,remote lock,send Ctrl+Alt+Del-no remote end warning display-monitor remote users

Program Name Instant Remote Control
Version 2.2.9
File Size (Bytes) 2397215
Release Date 2004-02-03
Price 39
License Shareware

Program Keywords: remote control, control pcs, remote desktop

Program Categories:Utilities

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