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Interscope BlackBox

Interscope BlackBox
Version: 4.1

Advanced security suite for complete file and e-mail protection

Modular, extensible and easy-to-use security suite, smoothly integrated into Windows Explorer, the desktop, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, that helps users protect their files and e-mail messages. It can also create self-extracting encrypted archives, send encrypted fles by e-mail directly form Windows Explorer, organize files in security sets and more.

Program Name Interscope BlackBox
Version 4.1
File Size (Bytes) 2989398
Release Date 2004-12-05
Price 49.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: security,encryption,decryption,safe,integration,Outlook,Microsoft Office,DES,AES,DEA,Data Encryption Standard,Blowfish,IDEA,RC4,CAST,self-extract,compress,shredder,drag & drop,Explorer,desktop,password,passphrase,key,lock,unlock,modular,extensible

Program Categories:Utilities

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