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JBlitz Professional

JBlitz Professional
Version: 5.0

Load, performance and functional testing for websites and web applications

Advanced load, performance and functional testing for your website, web service or web enabled application. JBlitz Pro 5.0 load tests your web software by simulating multiple concurrent virtual users whilst validating each response received. Fully featured (SSL, proxy, authentication, logging, graphing, stats, HTTP debugging etc). Includes a full Java API for customizing HTTP queries, verifying downloads and integrating with 3rd party software.

Program Name JBlitz Professional
Version 5.0
File Size (Bytes) 14796419
Release Date 2006-06-18
Price 60
License Shareware

Program Keywords: test, stress, load, stress test, load test, performance, tool, web, internet, URL, HTTP, java, cross platform, website, site, web server, web page, virtual user, thread, error, web application, connection, testing, utility, concurrent, deluge, flood

Program Categories:Utilities

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