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JM Pager

JM Pager
Version: 2.20

Remote administrration of client computers in a network & messaging tool

Message sending(here we have WinPopup clone.File sending). Simple reminder.See screenshot of any user's computer.Get folder structures of user's computers. Copy files from and to user's computers.Run programs remotely and documents with associated programs.List current processes on remote computers. Kill process in remote systems.Get remote system information. Shutdown remote computer / Restart remote computer. Get computer's database.

Program Name JM Pager
Version 2.20
File Size (Bytes) 2236416
Release Date 2005-05-01
Price 10
License Shareware

Program Keywords: remote administration, hidden administration, kill process, restart remote, shutdown remote, computers database, information system, file sending, reminder, messaging tool

Program Categories:Utilities

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