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Keyboard Express

Keyboard Express
Version: 3.1a

Create macros to automate most common tasks!

Keyboard Express is a Windows keyboard macro utility. It allows you to issue just about any series of keystrokes to your windows applications with the touch of a key. These keystrokes can manually be entered in and assigned to over 700 hot keys. In addition, keystrokes can be captured on the fly as you are typing in one of your Windows applications. System date and times, symbols and more can be added for insertion into applications and more!

Program Name Keyboard Express
Version 3.1a
File Size (Bytes) 3666984
Release Date 2006-10-23
Price 24.95
License Shareware

Program Keywords: macro, macros, macro utlility, keyboard macro, keyboard macros, windows macro, windows macros, batch, batch process, automate, automation, windows automation, schedule, windows schedule, scheduling, windows scheduling, utilities, keyboard utility,

Program Categories:Utilities

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