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Kremlin Encrypt

Kremlin Encrypt
Version: 3.0

Kremlin builds a digital wall around your data, protecting your information.

Kremlin builds a wall around your data, protecting your data from intruders. You can encrypt/decrypt files with RC4 and Blowfish in one click and securely delete files by dragging them to the Kremlin Secure Recycle Bin. The Kremlin Sentry schedules itself to secure your hard disk and memory to wipe all records of your activities. Kremlin Text is a secure word processor with encrypted e-mail capabilities.

Program Name Kremlin Encrypt
Version 3.0
File Size (Bytes) 1102611
Release Date 2004-04-01
Price 35.00
License Shareware

Program Keywords: Kremlin,encryption,decryption,secure,delete,cryptographic,software,suite,easy,wipe,SDK,Mac,Windows,security

Program Categories:Utilities

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